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To the Beat of a Blender. Green Smoothies – The Verdict.

BroccoliSeven days are up and the experiment is over. At times, opening the fridge was like looking into a jungle. Crate-loads of apples and bananas have passed through my kitchen. The neighbors wonder about the buzz from my apartment (“are you redoing the floor?”). Rejoice, the verdict on green smoothies is here.

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Nothing but Flavor? Six Spices with Superfood Properties

SpicesMost of us think of spices as merely something that makes our food taste good. But there is more to the inside of the kitchen cabinet than many might think. Some of the flavorings not only please the tastebuds but have serious benefits for the rest of the body. Practicioners of Ayurveda and traditional Chinese […]

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Eating Through a Straw: Green Smoothies for a Week

smoothieI’m a little weird about food and nutrition. I read cookbooks to pass the time. I study the list of ingredients on every item in the supermarket. When I procrastinate at work, I read up on health benefits of different spices. Considering that I started cooking when I was five years old, maybe I should’ve […]

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