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Doing Nothing or The Smartest Choice I Made All Week

sleeperI have got a lot on my plate at the moment: Working weekends to build my business, keeping the page and blog up to date and promoting a crowdfunding campaign, all the while working a day job to pay the bills, fulfilling other big and small obligations, trying to follow a hobby and have somewhat […]

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Training Hack: 100 Push-ups in a Work Day

Push-up dollOur days are filled with obligations, deadlines and general busyness. Time is a scarce commodity and it can be challenging to squeeze everything in. Workouts are no exception to this. So while writing my thesis in college I used a little hack that allowed me to get some physical activity into the time spent hunched […]

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Nothing but Flavor? Six Spices with Superfood Properties

SpicesMost of us think of spices as merely something that makes our food taste good. But there is more to the inside of the kitchen cabinet than many might think. Some of the flavorings not only please the tastebuds but have serious benefits for the rest of the body. Practicioners of Ayurveda and traditional Chinese […]

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The Magic of Small Steps or Five Push-ups a Day

footsteps_in_the_sandDid you make a new year’s resolution five months ago? I heard a lot of people out there do that. You know what else many people do? Not follow through with them. Depending on who you ask, estimations of the percentage of failure rates for what we promise ourselves at the dawn of a new […]

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