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How to Never Fail Again

failure_boatOne of the biggest fears many of us deal with is the fear of failure. We think if we try something and then don’t achieve what we set out for reflects badly on us. When we fail we judge ourselves, think we are losers and ball up in the fetal position wrapped around a tub […]

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Morning Routines or Kicking Off the Day in Style

morning routineMornings are kind of like the music that plays when a boxer walks into the arena. Does it make a difference whether you walk in to “All by Myself” or Eminem? I think it does. I find that what I do in the first 90 minutes of waking is a good predictor for what the […]

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From Zero to Inspired in Twenty Minutes

There’s one feeling that I especially love: being inspired. My heart pounds. The number of expletives used in my interior monologue rises exponentially. I’m almost in panic that I won’t be able to write fast enough to get all the ideas pouring from my mind on paper. It’s what I imagine other people experience on […]

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Doing Nothing or The Smartest Choice I Made All Week

sleeperI have got a lot on my plate at the moment: Working weekends to build my business, keeping the page and blog up to date and promoting a crowdfunding campaign, all the while working a day job to pay the bills, fulfilling other big and small obligations, trying to follow a hobby and have somewhat […]

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The Merits of Frustration

Frustration_dollIt’s easy to get frustrated. Anyone can do it. When the going gets tough and things don’t seem to work out the way they are supposed to, throwing up our hands in defeat is a convenient way to react. It doesn’t require much effort, time or skill. It can be done anywhere and anytime. It […]

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