about herbiwarrior

Nick Schäferhof - CEO and founder of herbiwarrior

Hi, my name is Nick.

I originally started herbiwarrior as a company for vegan supplements and sports nutrition in 2011 because I was unable to find products on the market that I was satisfied with. Since I believe in being part of the solution and don’t like waiting for the world to change, I decided to start making it myself.

The writing you find on this blog is about cultivating the self. The more I talk to people around me the more I realize that many of them are struggling with the same issues: Eating healthy, working out and living more fulfilled lives. Only they don’t know how.

I can absolutely relate. I have been asking myself the same questions and a while back embarked on a quest to answer them for myself. So I started writing for three reasons:

1) I felt I had something important to say.

2) I want to help people and felt like this would be a good way to do it.

3) I want to connect with like-minded people that I can learn from.

Food/Nutrition: I have been cooking since I was 8 years old (first recipe: hot milk with honey) and been a vegetarian since 2004. I’m absolutely fascinated by the topic of food and nutrition and totally love to geek out on it. I’m constantly thinking about how to eat well and healthy while living an active, plant-based lifestyle.

Fitness/Sports: I absolutely love fitness, sports and general physical activity. Always eager to try out new things I have dabbled in running, swimming, and breakdance among other things. These days I practice Ninjutsu, a Japanese martial art, lift weights and do some kettlebell training. I’m also preparing to dive into barefoot-running.

Personal Development: I believe in constantly working toward understanding ourselves better and striving for continuous improvement. I devour a lot of literature on the topic of personal development and behavioral change and work toward living a happier, more relaxed, more productive life and achieving the goals I set for myself.

The key theme that links these topics together is self-cultivation. I define self-cultivation as the consciously striving for continuous improvment, mentally, physically and in circumstance. This attitude is crystallized in the metaphor of the warrior.

One to three times a week I write on at least one of the above-mentioned topics. This can range from training tips and fitness gear to inspirational pieces, book reviews and recipes. I’m not here to preach and you are not here to be preached on. I want to inspire you and provide practical strategies and tips to take action and make positive changes in your life.

herbiwarrior wouldn’t be what it is without the help of a few good souls.

Meet the team


Ralf Mischnick


Graphic guru

Find him here:


Self-employed graphic designer, friend, mentor and occasional guinea pig. His main job is to make up for my colorblindness. Whenever you think “hey that looks good”, it was probably him. He has also provided me with shelter during bouts of homelessness.


Felix Schäferhoff


Media professional

Find him here:


Cinema 4D magician, css consultant, hip-hop video director and best little brother in the world. I rely on his no-nonsense nature to call me out when my life is getting a little too crazy. Also, he recently got married which we are all very excited about.


Stephan Walsch


Video expert

Find him here:


All credit for video work is due to this incredibly talented and professional video designer from Berlin. He occasionally kicks my ass during ninjutsu practice and is also the person who makes me feel better by comparison whenever I think I might be getting too nerdy.