Fake Meat Friday: Taifun Tofu-Greenspelt-Hazelnut-Cutlets

Taifun Tofubratlinge - Pack

Meat imitations are a great way for people who are trying to make the switch to vegetarian or vegan or those just looking to eat less meat. Since there is a growing number of excellent and interesting products (and since I’m a big fan of alliterations), I try out one new product every week and publish my impressions at the end of the week in the segment Fake Meat Friday.

This Friday on FMF: Tofu-Greenspelt-Hazelnut-Cutlets by Taifun. Taifun is a German company which has been making products from Tofu since 1985. Not only did they scale up their tofu production from 4 kg to more than 30 t per week in that time, they also helped spearhead the cultivation of organic soy in Germany (in part to meet their own demand).

The cutlets have a nice 10 g of protein each and I like that they are made from whole foods with minimal processing (I’m looking at you textured soy protein). They are a bit of a stretch for the weekly fake meat theme though, as the burgers don’t really try to be anything but stand on their own. I am also yet to find decent meat imitation that is neither from soy nor gluten. Any tips?

Price: 2,79 € (200 g), 2 servings

Taste: As I said before, these babies don’t really try to imitate anything, so there is no point in me trying to compare them to something else (“they taste a bit like free-range tofu”). The taste is nice and balanced, earthy and nutty (good job naming them, Taifun!). I liked it (can I add parantheses to every sentence in one paragraph? You bet.).

my verdict: 4 stars

Mouthfeel: The mouthfeel is decent, too. While tofu has a tendency to be a little soft and boring on its own (who are we kidding? it’s true), the nuts and grains provide a nice crunchy texture. The eating experience is overall pretty granola. I imagine that similar specimen of cutlets were handed out in “Volksküchen” in the 80s by dread-locked people in Birkenstocks (writes the guy who had both a mohawk and dreadlocks twice). Also, they could be a little less dry (= more fat!).

my verdict: 3 stars

Other: Prior to this post, I had no idea Taifun had such a long and interesting history. For that, the whole-food ingredients, and the fact that 99% of them are organic (except water, salt, and the tofu coagulants), they also score high in this category.

my verdict: 4 stars

Enjoy it with: I had the cutlets with some fried mushrooms (+chili flakes, pepper, soy sauce) and lettuce (+vinaigrette). Putting them in a burger bun with your favorite condiments is probably also a viable option.

Will I eat it again? Oh yes.

Overall rating: 4 out of 5 stars

What is your favorite fake meat? Anything you swear by or anything quirky? Tell me about it in the comments.

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