Fake Meat Friday: Fry’s Vegetarian Chicken-Style Strips


Meat imitations are a great way for people who are trying to make the switch to vegetarian or vegan or those just looking to eat less meat. Since there is a growing number of excellent and interesting products (and since I’m a big fan of alliterations), I try out one new product every week and publish my impressions at the end of the week in the segment Fake Meat Friday.

This Friday on FMF: Vegetarian Chicken-Style Strips by Fry’s, a family enterprise from South Africa. According to the company website, Fry’s was founded in the family kitchen. Meanwhile their products are available worldwide, e.g at veganz. As is normal with many meat imitations, the main ingredients are soy and wheat with 20,4g of protein per 100g. It takes only 6-8 minutes in a hot pan to get them from frozen to edible.

Price:  5,55 € (380g), 2-4 servings

Taste: The Chicken-Style Strips definitely taste better than they look. Straight from the package you wouldn’t necessarily think food but plastic. However, tastewise they are very close to chicken (as far as I can remember, but a meat-eating friend of mine seconded that opinion). If that is good or bad is up to everyone’s own opinion, I personally liked it. The strips are great for dipping which is why you should take care to have some sauces at hand while eating.

my verdict: 4 stars

Mouthfeel: Just like for last week’s gyros, I’m missing chewiness. The strips are pretty soft and have a mouthfeel that reminds me of breading. A little more texture would not have hurt.

my verdict: 1 star

Other: The package says “give a little oil into the pan”. However, the fake chicken sucks up oil like a sponge so you need a lot of it. Curiously it still comes out a little dry. Plus the way it looks is really kind of a turn-off.

my verdict: 1 star

Enjoy it with: A big salad is the perfect company for the Chicken-Style Strips  (green lettuce, lamb’s lettice, red onions and black olives if you have to know). As mentioned above, it pays to have different sauces at hand since the strips are a great vehicle for dipping. Next time I would heed the tip from the Fry’s website and put the strips into a wrap.

Overall rating: 2 out of 5 stars

Will I eat it again? – I’m not sure.

What is your favorite fake meat? Do you know something I should definitely try? Tell me about it in the comments.

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