Fake Meat Friday: veganwings Soy Jerky ‘peppered’


Meat imitations are a great way for people who are trying to make the switch to vegetarian or vegan or those just looking to eat less meat. Since there is a growing number of excellent and interesting products (and since I’m a big fan of alliterations), I try out one new product every week and publish my impressions at the end of the week in the segment Fake Meat Friday.

This Friday on FMF: Soy Jerky ‘peppered’ by veganwings, a Berlin-based company. Thomas Reichel (of avesu fame) is part of the dreamteam behind it. I bought the jerky from their neighbor veganz, where it winked at me from the shelf in five different colors and flavors. Apart from ‘peppered’, the jerky also comes in ‘hot and spicy’, ‘roasted’, ‘teriyaki’, and ‘original’. As you can guess from the name it is made from soy, textured soy protein to be exact. Unfortunately neither the package nor the internet states its nutrition facts, however, we are informed that it’s made from non-gmo soy.

Price: 1,99 € (42 g), 1 serving

Taste: If I were to say the jerky tastes good, that would be an understatement. It is more like I want to marry it and raise a family together. Tastewise you can definitely take it home and introduce to your parents. It’s magnificently smoky, slightly sweet and definitely deserves being called ‘peppered’. Of the tested products so far, it is clearly my favorite. On my next shopping trip to veganz I will absolutely try another flavor.

my verdict: 5 stars

Texture/Mouthfeel: The chewing experience also leaves nothing to be desired. Finally something I need to gnaw my way through. Where other fake meats are doughy, veganwing’s product is stringy, pleasantly tough and a challenge to the jaw muscles. I like food which gives me the feeling of accomplishment. High score again.

my verdict: 5 stars

Sonstiges: For me it’s love at first bite (is that a subtitle from Twilight?). However, there are smaller points of criticism: For one thing the product is double-packaged (once in a vacuum bag and another plastic wrapper around it), which seems a little much. For another thing I would like to be able to buy it in bigger portions. Personally, I also miss the nutrition facts. At the same time I like the clear package design.

my verdict: 3 stars

Enjoy it with: Pure.

Would I eat it again? – After raving about it like a madman? Take a wild guess.

Overall rating: 5 out of 5 stars

What is your favorite fake meat? Do you know something I should definitely try? Tell me about it in the comments.

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