Fake Meat Friday: Viana Veggie Gyros

Viana Veggie Gyros

Meat imitations are a great way for people who are trying to make the switch to vegetarian or vegan or those just looking to eat less meat. Since there is a growing number of excellent and interesting products (and since I’m a big fan of alliterations), I try out one new product every week and publish my impressions at the end of the week in the new segment Fake Meat Friday.

This Friday on FMF: Veggie Gyros by Viana. The German company makes a whole range of meat alternatives which are widely available across Germany and Europe but also in the US and elsewhere. I obtained mine in a health food store around the corner of my apartment in Berlin. The main ingredients are Tofu and Seitan (made from wheat gluten) and it has a nice 30g of protein per 100g for those who are counting. Preparation is easy as pie (actually, easier than pie), just put it in a pan with some oil and fry it for 5 minutes. Done.

Price: 3,29 € (200g), 1-2 servings

Taste (0-2 stars): The Veggie Gyros tastes good but not great. It is spicy and has some nice umami flavors to it. I left it in the pan for too long so it got a little charred. I highly recommend doing that as it gives it a nice grilled flavor. I ended up seasoning it with pepper and some herbs. Some soy sauce would do it good as well, I imagine.

my verdict: 1 star

Mouthfeel (0-2 stars): I like the strips the gyros comes in, though they are not easy to seperate in the pan without breaking them into pieces. You can fry and brown them from every side very easily. While the overall texture is good, I personally find it a little too soft. Having charred mine, it came out both crunchy and doughy at the same time which is not what I was looking for (chewy, Viana, the word is chewy).

my verdict: 1 star

Other (0-1 stars): Although not the bomb-diggety in taste and mouthfeel, for easy preparation and the fact that all ingredients are organic, I’m awarding another star.

my verdict: 1 star

Enjoy it with: I had mine with carrot salad (very good idea) and avocado (semi-good idea). The classic would be to have it with tzatziki (soy or yogurt is your call) and next time I would definitely add some raw onions and maybe some green salad. Putting it into a pita with all the usual suspects (tomatos, cucumbers, onions, sauce) is also a viable idea.

Overall rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Will I eat it again? – Most likely

What is your favorite fake meat? Do you know something I should definitely try? Tell me about it in the comments.

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