The Merits of Frustration


It’s easy to get frustrated. Anyone can do it. When the going gets tough and things don’t seem to work out the way they are supposed to, throwing up our hands in defeat is a convenient way to react. It doesn’t require much effort, time or skill. It can be done anywhere and anytime. It can even be a group activity. Times of frustration are a test. They test two things: resolve and adaptability.
Painful moments like these show us how much we really want the thing we are pursuing, that business venture, that relationship or that title. It’s when things come down to pure faith that we see what we are made of. In those moments, we are given both a chance to fail and a chance to shine. We can either create a memory of success or of giving up. It’s our decision which one it will be.
Being frustrated is also a call for calibration. We might be going for the right thing but in a wrong way. We might be banging our heads against an obstacle we could just walk around. Take a second to look around and see if there is a slightly different approach. Try it. You might be off by just millimeters.

When you find yourself getting frustrated, channel those feelings. Welcome them. Turn resignation into resolve, defeat into determination. Think about it that way, if it’s so hard, how good will it feel once you get there?
So breathe in and take one step forward. Then another. And then yet another. Before you know it, you have walked a mile.

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