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Brain Snacks: Dale Carnegie – How to stop worrying and start living

Dale Carnegie How to stop worrying and start living

“If a man will devote his time to securing facts in an impartial, objective way, his worries will usually evaporate in the light of knowledge.”

Life can be scary and overwhelming. There are so many things that are out of our control. The internet and media connect us with every bad news happening anywhere around the globe. There is a lot to worry about and we do. Money, work, health, business, relationships, job security – in our accelerated age of rapid change and information overload, numbers of burn out and depression are soaring. It is therefore more important than ever to find strategies for keeping the worry monkey of your back.

Dale Carnegie is a classic in the self-help/self-improvement world. His name most often comes up for his most famous book on business communication How to win friends and influence people, which was a bestseller and remains popular today. Originally a salesman, Carnegie first taught public speaking and later started writing and publishing books on success and networking.

Despite the cheesy title, How to stop worrying and start living is full of solid advice on mindset shifts, techniques, and little hacks anyone can use to alleviate thoughts of worry. I started reading the book after Tim Ferris recommended it in his Reddit AMA. I found its advice as effective and necessary today as it was at the time the book was written. Read More »

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The Ultimate Green-Smoothie Toolbox

Grüne smoothies rezepte

“What are you doing?! Is that salad?” I stopped filling ingredients into the blender for a second to look up into my girlfriend’s incredulous face. Ceren was standing in the kitchen with a bewildered expression. Not noticing or consciously ignoring my “good morning!”, she continued “And what is this under there, a banana?”

Over time Ceren had become quite tolerant of my food experiments. While she doesn’t share the same enthusiasm (give that woman some pasta and a glass of Coke and she has an enjoyable meal), she was at least used to it. But this was going a little far even taking into account her previous experience.

So what on earth was I doing? The above episode happened a few weeks back when I started reincorporating smoothies into my diet. This wasn’t a new thing for me as in 2012 I lived off green smoothies for a week (which is not something I recommend by the way, as the lack of calories will make you feel sluggish), but for the first-time witness it can be a little “unusual”. Read More »

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30 life lessons learned in 30 years


Two days ago I turned 30. That means my twenties are officially over.

I’m not sure how I feel about that. I’m not one of those people who awaited this birthday in dread, thinking that now I’m officially “old”. I don’t feel old. Physically and mentally I am probably in one of the best shapes of my life.

I also have many things to be grateful for:

I have a great family who has always been there for me, a wonderful, smart and supportive girlfriend and there are people allover the world who I can call my friends,

I live abroad in one of the most interesting cities on the planet and regularly get to travel to other countries.

I live the life of a web entrepreneur, can set my own schedule, pursue projects that interest me, and indulge in creative work.

Besides that I have food to eat, clothes on my back, a place to sleep and don’t wake up in the morning fearing for my life and safety. That is more than many people can say. Read More »

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Compound exercises 101: Pull-ups and chin-ups

Komplexe Übungen - Klimmzüge

“How many pull-ups can you do?”

This question is most often met with silence. Nobody does pull-ups. They are among the most neglected exercises in commercial gyms. And the reason is this: pull-ups are hard. Very hard. Not even their slightly easier cousin the chin-up finds its way into many fitness routines. In my 10+ years of going to gyms, I can remember exactly one person who I saw do pull-ups with good form as part of his regular workout.

That’s why when you can do them, it is a true testament of your strength and endurance and a feat to be proud of. Pull-ups are also among the best exercises for upper body strength. There is a reason that professional groups whose job it is to be physically fit, such as firefighters, policemen, and the marines, make them part of their screening test for new candidates.

Before I signed up for a gym over the winter, I worked out outdoors a lot (the gym is everywhere, remember?) Because there wasn’t too many choices in the park, I did a lot of pull-ups. Well, “a lot” is a lie. Let’s say I did them “often”. Because it took me a long while to work up to doing more than a handful.

Because of this emasculating experience, it is now one of my goals is to master this exercise. If you want to give it a shot as well, here’s why and how to do it. Read More »

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Compound Exercises 101: Bench Press

Compund exercises - Bench Press

To many people (and by that I mean guys), the bench press is the pinnacle of strength training. The question “how much do you bench?” is a tried-and-true filler for party conversations revolving around fitness (closely followed by “Do you even lift?”).

For good reason. The bench press is counted as one of the “big three”, the three exercises that are preferred to measure athletic prowess in strength competitions (the other two being squats and deadlifts). While you may have no motivation to enter a powerlifting tournament any time soon (I certainly don’t), you can still use the bench press when your aim is to lose fat or gain muscle. Read More »

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