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    • Ernährung – Essen auf pflanzlicher Basis für Energie und Wohlfühlen im eigenen Körper
    • Psychologie – Wege motiviert zu sein und zu bleiben, Ziele setzen, Gewohnheiten verändern und die geistige Haltung trainieren
    • Lernen – Streben nach stetiger Verbesserung und niemals aufhören zu lernen und neugierig zu sein

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Morning Routines or Kicking Off the Day in Style

morning routine

Mornings are kind of like the music that plays when a boxer walks into the arena. Does it make a difference whether you walk in to “All by Myself” or Eminem? I think it does. I find that what I do in the first 90 minutes of waking is a good predictor for what the day is going to be like. That’s why last week I started to manufacture automatic good mornings.

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From Zero to Inspired in Twenty Minutes

There’s one feeling that I especially love: being inspired. My heart pounds. The number of expletives used in my interior monologue rises exponentially. I’m almost in panic that I won’t be able to write fast enough to get all the ideas pouring from my mind on paper. It’s what I imagine other people experience on drugs. I call it the “F**k Yeah!” feeling.
Something that inspires me frequently is listening to other people. People who have accomplished great things. People who have gone through hard times and made it through. People who are smarter than me.
Thankfully we live in a day and age when you don’t always have to have those people around to be inspired by them. Today I want to share something that has lifted me up numerous times in the past and continues to do so. It’s Conan O’Brien’s commencement speech for the 2011 graduates of Dartmouth College. Conan’s story of not giving up in the face of perceived disaster and turning it into success is an admirable example of steadfastness and conviction that resonates strongly with me. It’s also funny as hell.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you should watch it. If you already have, watch it again. That’s what I did while writing this up. Let me know what you think.

“Work hard, be kind to people and amazing things will happen to you.”

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Book review: Thrive by Brendan Brazier

Brendan Brazier - Thrive

When looking for vegan athletes on the interwebs it doesn’t take long before one stumbles onto the name of Brendan Brazier. A former professional ironman triathlete from Canada, Brazier has two first places at the Canadian 50km Ultra Marathon attached to his name. He is also a bestselling author, speaks at Cornell University and has his own line of sports nutrition. Enough reasons for me to want to know more about the guy. And since I needed to engage in some long-neglected reading activity I downloaded his book “Thrive: the vegan nutrition guide to optimal performance in sports and life” onto my Kindle.

The book contains the accumulated nutritional knowledge of Brazier, gathered on his quest to formulate a diet that would speed recovery and keep him at peak athletic performance. It is henceforth known as the Thrive Diet. The goal, in short, is to eliminate stress and its deteriorating effects. According to Brazier about 70% of the average North American’s stress level stem from suboptimal food consumption. That’s where the Thrive Diet comes in. Lesen Sie mehr »

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Doing Nothing or The Smartest Choice I Made All Week


I have got a lot on my plate at the moment: Working weekends to build my business, keeping the page and blog up to date and promoting a crowdfunding campaign, all the while working a day job to pay the bills, fulfilling other big and small obligations, trying to follow a hobby and have somewhat of a social life. In combination the above can make life appear to be one big clusterf**k. Lesen Sie mehr »

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Training Hack: 100 Push-ups in a Work Day

Push-up doll

Our days are filled with obligations, deadlines and general busyness. Time is a scarce commodity and it can be challenging to squeeze everything in. Workouts are no exception to this. So while writing my thesis in college I used a little hack that allowed me to get some physical activity into the time spent hunched over my computer. Lesen Sie mehr »

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